Organic Gardening Organic gardening advice from the experts at Bald Mt. Press includes articles from organic farming and agriculture professionals Mort Mather (Maine) and Dr. Robert Faust (Oregon). Since 1995 we've helped with organic gardening advice, books, worms, organic lawn care, organic pest control, composting, soil building, organic food, organic Hawaiian farms, hemp, humor, and organic gardening supplies and equipment.
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    Voting with your dollars is the most important thing you can do to support the organic agriculture industry.  Money you spend on products produced with the planet in mind is money that goes to the right cause, and money that doesn't go to Monsanto, DuPont, or any of the other chemical companies that have spent billions convincing the world that their chemicals are superior to soil tilth.  We recommend buying environmentally friendly products (especially the organic gardening products) in our sustainable store.

Our fall garden in upstate NY

    This site has been around for a long time, now. We have gone from California to Hawaii, back to California, and now we live in upstate NY. A lot of the old site was dedicated to battles with pests, and organic ways to confront them.  It made for funny stories, but I began to realize, after reading Mort Mather, that the pest infestations were a sign that what I was trying to grow was either in the wrong place, or it didn't have healthy soil.  As my soil got better, so did the health of my plants.

    Now that we're back to gardening, I'm blogging about it again. Please check out the organic gardening news blog for all the latest on my life-long learning curve of sustainable agriculture.

    I've had to walk away from some great gardens.  You can hear my lamentations over one of them in "Out With the Old."   Life goes on.  Forget your enemies.  Help your friends.  Improve the tilth of your life.

    Scott Supak


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